Officiating for COSAD

Officiating For COSAD

A friendly, open, invitation to all parents, friends and club members.

Many of you already offer much of your time to the club, but I wish to highlight an increasing problem – across the athletics world not just us! – of a shortage of officials needed to ensure the smooth, safe, fair and enjoyable running of an event. Whatever your background, if you could help for only one event at a league or club meeting, this would be fantastic! Three helpers, each doing just one event, allows you the time to enjoy the competition, watch your child or significant other, relax and stay warm and dry! Don’t worry that you’ll have to do the whole day, every little helps, and if many do a little, no one need do too much! If you feel unsure, have a look at the online health and safety course.This short online course is designed to increase confidence and count towards – only if you want to! – the level one officials qualification. Even as a helper you can earn 4 points at a YDL, as an official this doubles to 8 points! This benefits both your child and others.

All offers to help can be reported to team managers at both upper and lower YDL meetings. Any other enquires contact Peter Hewkin or Tom Grantham


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