Upper YDL 2020 Season

It’s that time of year again!

If you wish to be considered for the Upper Age Group YDL please ensure your Club membership is up to date.


For those that are new to the Club or Athletics; The YDL (Youth Development League) is a national club league competition, for U20, U17, U15 and U13 age group athletes.  The league is divided into the ‘Upper Age Group (UAG)’ (U20 and U17), and ‘Lower Age Group (LAG)’ (U15 and U13).

The league is geographically divided into regions:

  • Northern
  • Midland
  • Southern
  • Scotland & Northern Ireland (LAG only)

Within each region there are two Premier leagues, and below these, a number of local area leagues. The City of Sheffield & Dearne AC in in the Northern Region and East 1 division.

We compete against the other clubs in 3 meetings to gain points. With promotion or relegation places at the end of season….(bit like the Football League).

How we gain points … We enter two athletes for each age group for each event. One is our A athlete and the other is B. Depending where they finish in their string (A/B) they will gain points.

We also get a lot of points for providing Officials (don’t have to be qualified!), here’s where parents can help.. we have to provide so many per meet, so if you fancy raking some sand or retrieving a shot! let us know.

This year we are competing against:

City of York AC / Gateshead Harriers   /  Kingdom Athletic – composite / Leeds City AC / Middlesbrough AC (Mandale)


Team Selection

Firstly, can we say that being invited to represent the club in the YDL is a great achievement and brings with it the opportunity to compete against some of the best athletes in the Region at no cost to yourselves and the bonus is all results go onto the Power of 10.

The teams will be selected by the team managers, in consultation with the Club and coaches. Who will firstly go on the Power of 10 (current performances eg 2019 season) so get some scores on there! Next, we look at past performances (2019 season) and best fit timing-wise of events, Whilst also working very closely with all your coaches to see where they think their athletes would perform best.


Dates & Location

Sun 26th April – Gateshead

Sun 24th May – York

Sun 21st June – Middlesbrough


Team Managers are:- Donna Claridge and Sam Hay